Disposal and Use of Wastes and Solid and Biomass Residues

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Sector Waste, Energy
Focus area
(no data)
Type of action Strategy/Policy
Scope National
Stage Under development
Submitted to UNFCCC registry Yes
Start of initiative
(no data)
Financing and support details
Financing status Seeking financing
Total cost
(no data)
Financing requested US$ 0.75 mln
Financing received to-date
(no data)
Principal source of financing Not known
Principal type of financing Not known
Capacity building required Unknown
Technology transfer required Unknown
Additional information
Proponent(s) México NAMA Facility, A. C.
International funder(s)
(no data)
Organization providing technical support
(no data)
Contact José Ramón Ardavín Ituarte,

This NAMA seeks to promote, through and incentive system, activities of disposal, recycling, reuse and efficient exploitation of the solid wastes at national level, which will result altogether in a better management of the these residues and will result in positive impacts to society, economy and environment, axis of sustainability.

Detailed activities are not available yet

Impact and MRV

No Data Available.png
Cumulative GHG reductions: No data available
Mitigative capacity:

An average reduction in the emission of Greenhouse Gases of 10.25 million tons of CO2e per year, 205.03 million tons of CO2e by the end of NAMA's lifetime.


Social: Reduction of the negative impacts in health resulting from an inefficient disposal of solid wastes.

Improvement in the working conditions for the people in charge of the recovery of recyclable materials.

Economic: Attraction of financing sources for the improvement of the existing national infrastructure for the efficient disposal of residues, for the construction of new infrastructure for the efficient disposal of residues and for the development of projects focused in the energy exploitation of solid residues.

Creation of new job posts in the new solid residues disposal sites and in the new projects for its energy exploitation, additionally for the calculation of the resulting benefits related with health, society and environment.

Added value to solid residues through recycling for the finance sustainability of the same projects.

Environmental: Residues sorting program for its energy exploitation and recycling.

MRV Framework:
No MRV plan has been defined