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Sector Industry
Focus area Energy efficiency
Type of action Strategy/Policy
Scope National
Stage Under development
Submitted to UNFCCC registry Yes
Start of initiative
(no data)
Financing and support details
Financing status Seeking financing
Total cost US$ 0.95 mln
Financing requested US$ 0.95 mln
Financing received to-date
(no data)
Principal source of financing Not known
Principal type of financing Grant
Capacity building required Yes
Technology transfer required No
Additional information
Proponent(s) Ministry of Environment
International funder(s)
(no data)
Organization providing technical support
(no data)
Contact Ahmad Alqatarneh, Secretary General, Amman, Um Uthaina, King Faisal Street, Building No.182

To help industrial sector identify energy and water inefficiencies, renewable energy/low carbon fuel potentials and inefficient waste management. Reduce GHG emissions of the sector by at least 1 Gg CO2 eq annually.

Activities under this NAMA are:

  • Grouping of industries according to production line and capacity (categorization).
  • Benchmarking for SMEs in areas related to GHGs emissions.
  • Select representative sample of SMEs from each group based on benchmarking results in addition to include all large industries such as cement industries.
  • Assessment of the current situation to identify the focal areas (hot points) in the selected industries based on the baseline scenarios.
  • Generate mitigation scenarios to reduce (GHGs) emissions.
  • Conduct mitigation analysis of the generated scenarios to prioritize them.
  • Prepare action plan for the most feasible actions on the national level including the Measure, Report and Verify (MRV) for 5 of the most feasible actions

Impact and MRV

No Data Available.png
Cumulative GHG reductions: No data available
Mitigative capacity:

No information has been provided on mitigative capacity


Social: Information has not been provided
Economic: Information has not been provided
Environmental: Information has not been provided

MRV Framework:
No MRV plan has been defined