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This is the "NAMA Input Template" template. It should be called in the following format:

{{NAMA Input Template
|Country name=
|Type of NAMA=
|Sector name=
|Start of initiative=
|Start of implementation=
|End of implementation=
|Financing status=
|Description of activities=
|Type of action=
|Scope of action=
|Financial support=
|Technology transfer support=
|Capacity building support=
|International funder=
|Organizations providing technical support=
|Total cost=
|Financing requested=
|Source of financing=
|Type of financing=
|Financing received to-date=
|MRV timeframe begins=
|MRV timeframe ends=
|Mitigate 2015=
|Mitigate 2020=
|Mitigate 2025=
|Mitigate 2030=
|MRV approach =
|Anternative indicator=
|Measurement approach=
|Mitigative capacity value=
|Social benefits=
|Economic benefits=
|Environmental benefits=
|Contact name=
|Source info=
|Additional comments=
|Concept Note=
|Full Proposal=
|Last edited=

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