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Sector Agriculture, Waste
Focus area
(no data)
Type of action Project
Scope National
Stage Under development
Submitted to UNFCCC registry Yes
Start of initiative
(no data)
Financing and support details
Financing status Seeking financing
Total cost US$ 0.531 mln
Financing requested US$ 0.431 mln
Financing received to-date
(no data)
Principal source of financing Multilateral
Principal type of financing Grant
Capacity building required Yes
Technology transfer required Yes
Additional information
Proponent(s) Grupo Empresarial Ganadero (Cattle Business Group)
International funder(s)
(no data)
Organization providing technical support
(no data)
(no data)

The objective of the NAMA is to reduce GHG emissions in Cuban pig production through the promotion of technologies for the capture and use of biogas (heat and electricity) obtained as a result of the treatment of pig wastewater.

Activities: (2017 - 2018)
The NAMA comprises the installation of 3370 biodigesters systems: 1276 in small pig farms, 1914 in medium pig farms and 180 in large pig farms. These biodigesters systems will be of different technologies (tubular, fixed dome, covered lagoons) depending on the size of the farm.

The financing requested is aimed at meeting the following objectives:
  • Updating the baseline and highlighting development scenarios in Cuban pig production
  • Finalize the evaluation of the technological variants proposed in correspondence with the size of the farm and the specificities of the localities where they are located
  • Design the MRV system and elaborate the specific technical requirements and procedures for its implementation
  • Elaboration of feasibility study for the project
  • Reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases in the Cuban pig production
  • Conduct studies on environmental and social safeguards with a gender perspective.

Impact and MRV

No Data Available.png
Cumulative GHG reductions: No data available
Mitigative capacity:

No information has been provided on mitigative capacity


Social: Information has not been provided
Economic: Information has not been provided
Environmental: Information has not been provided

MRV Framework:
No MRV plan has been defined

The full cost of preparing the NAMA is 531,000.00 USD, of which 100,000.00 USD will be given by the Cuba and the rest sought via international financial support. So far the preliminary work on the NAMA included USD 25,000 from UNDP Carbon 2012 Regional Project for the feasibility study of a programme for capture and use of methane in pig farms, USD 60,000 from PNUMA for strategic needs assessment in pig farms, SD 60,000 from OLADE to determine the potential of electric energy generation from biogas produced in Cuban pig farms.

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