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The information presented in the NAMA database is collected from publically available information on NAMAs and NAMA related activities. It does not represent official submissions and may not reflect the priorities of the country government.

  Stage Sector name Sub-sector Objective
Sustainable Urban Transport Initiative Implementation Transport This programme promotes sustainable urban transport in Indonesian Cities by implementing and monitoring measures in order to halt the increasing motorisation and reduce externalities of transportation.
NAMA for efficient cooling and air conditioning in industry and business Under development Energy supply Energy efficiency The project provides support to Indonesia, primarily the Ministry of Energy, in creating and implementing a reliable framework for fostering energy efficiency in the cooling and air-conditioning sector.
RENAMA - Renewable Energy NAMA Under development Energy supply Renewable energy (unspecified) The RENAMA will support Indonesia in achieving its emission reduction target through the construction of 1225 MW RE power plants with reductions of more than 4.2 MtCO2 by 2020.
Cement Industry NAMA Under development Industry The NAMA aims to support the companies in achieving industry targets and in applying process and technology modification. Cement industries are expected to reduce their GHG emission voluntarily by 2% in 2011-2015 and mandatorily by an additional 3% in 2016-2020.
Debottlenecking project finance for least cost renewables in Indonesia - DEEP NAMA Under development Energy supply Renewable energy (unspecified) DEEP NAMA aims at debottlenecking RE project finance in order to enhance quality and sustainability of

private project developments. It supports private investment and facilitates learning experiences to project developers, financial institutions and ministries on how RE financing can be structured. DEEP NAMA will be integrated in the RAN-GRK under the coordination of BAPPENAS and contributes to meeting the GHGs

target. in the RAN-GRK under the coordination of BAPPENAS and contributes to meeting the GHGs target.
Vertically integrated NAMA for solid waste management Under development Waste Reduce emissions from waste and streamline local, provincial and national level policies in the sector
Communit Forest Partnership for Wood Biomass Based Energy - CFFBE NAMA Under development Energy supply Renewable energy (biomass) This NAMA offers the potential for transformational change as it supports a nation-wide strategy towards energy by using biomass gasification technology. The NAMA aims at triggering broader implementation for financing through the Ministry of Finance’ Indonesia Investment Agency (PIP) and create a bigger ESCO (Energy Service Company) market.
Smart Street Lighting Initiative (SSLI) Under development Buildings Increasing the energy efficiency of street lighting by substituting conventional street lighting systems with more efficient street lighting technologies in Indonesian cities and urban areas.
NAMA - Green Chillers and Industrial Energy Efficiency Programme in Indonesia Under development Industry Energy efficiency The project aims to assist the Energy Ministry in particular to create reliable enabling conditions for measures to increase efficiency in refrigeration and air-conditioning technology. A specific NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action) for energy-efficient refrigeration will be developed for Indonesia. Proposed improvements will be developed and evaluated in selected applications. Specific GHG reduction measures in the use of RAC technologies in industry and commerce will be implemented and supported by technology transfer. Pilot measures will serve as a reference for further dissemination in Indonesia.
Small and medium scale renewable energy installations in North Sumatra Under development Energy supply Renewable energy (unspecified) Stimulate private sector investments in renewable energy


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